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Want to book us for an event?

...or find us at markets in Bristol and Somerset area:

6 April - Forest Green Rovers Match

12 April - Finzels Reach Market

13 April - Runners Club Bath

14 April - Guildford - Ethical Vegan Events

19 April - NHS Bath

20 April - Manchester Vegan Festival

23 April - Temple Quay

24 April - Finzels Reach Market

26 April - Finzels Reach Market

27 April - Deya Brewery Party

3-6 May - Plymouth Street Food Warehouse

10 May - Finzels Reach Market

11 May - Windsor (Sparkle) Vegan Fiesta

After years of combined experience in hospitality, we can work with you to devise a menu to suit your needs, whatever the event. Whether you’re after vegan street food or a bespoke fine dining experience for a wedding or dinner party, we’ve got you covered. With our portable stall setup, we can take our vegan cuisine right where you want it!

Our creative menu is always tailored to the type and size of the event and ranges from mouthwatering street food like wraps, burgers and savoury pancakes with our own seitan or chickpea-based meat alternatives, to fine dining cuisine inspired by our own experience from cultures around the globe.

If you would like to get in touch and book us for your event get in touch by dropping us an Email:



Chermoula Seitan Fillets

Marinated in our signature Chermoula sauce and hand-shaped seitan fillets 

Hot chickpea salad (Gf)

Slow cooked chickpeas in a tangy tomato sauce

Green bean salad with vegan feta (GF)

Blanched beans, crumbled 'feta', toasted almond slivers

Couscous salad

Steamed coucous, red kidney beans, lemon vinaigrette, fresh parsley

Hummus (GF)

Classic tahini spread

Tzatziki (GF)

Soy yoghurt, grated cucumber and fresh dill, perfect for dipping roasted pieces of veg

Vine leaves and Olives (GF)

Flat bread

Locally baked naan bread

IMG_0354 S.png




Shawarma Wrap

Shredded Seitan, Red Pepper Sauce, Aioli, Crunchy Slaw, Cucumber Salsa, Pomegranate Seeds and Spicy Pickles, Served in a Warmed Flatbread.

Jackfruit Gyros

Chermoula Marinated Jackfruit, Tahini Yoghurt, Crunchy Slaw, Cucumber Salsa, Pineapple BBQ Sauce, Served in a Warmed Flatbread.


Jackfruit Loaded Fries

Skin-on-fries, Chermoula Marinated Jackfruit, Crunchy Slaw, BBQ sauce, Aioli and Spicy Pickles


Chermoula Seitan Bowl 

Grilled Seitan Fillet, Pearl Barley, Chermoula Sauce, Tahini Yoghurt, Cucumber Salsa, Pomegranate Seeds


Philly Cheese
Seitan, Charred Onions & Peppers, Philly Cheese Sauce, Lemon Aioli, Jalapeños, Crispy Onions


Hug Roast
Shredded Seitan, Baguette, Cider & Apple Sauce, Lemon Aioli, Baby Gem, Crispy Onions

Buffalo Jackfruit
Buffalo marinated Jackfruit, Baguette, Pineapple BBQ sauce, Aioli, Crunchy Slaw

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