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My first and totally beloved product! It has got an amazing texture accompanied with a smoky and salty flavours - you will find it very easy to cook with thanks to its many uses that will pop in to your had as soon as you try it. And if you stuck - go on to recipes section and get some inspirations from there!

This product is gluten and soy free, vegan and its packaging is compostable (even the label sticker) so all you have to do after using it is placing it in your food composting bag with no guilt and a big smile on your face :- )

Right now, this is the first and only product available but there are more things awaiting in the lab to be tested so check out the page in the next few weeks or keep your eyes peeled to my Instagram page! Or, send a message using the contact section and I will get back to you as soon as more stuff becomes available.

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